Please allow extra time to allow the polish to dry. You are welcome to stay and relax in the waiting room.  Please bring open toed shoes for a pedicure if you are choosing Vinylux polish.

Simply File and Polish in Vinylux

20-30mins £18

Shellac File and Polish

30mins £28

Mini Pedicure

Nail and cuticle work, finishing with the Vinylux Polish by CND. (no spa bath)

30mins £29

Foot Revival

We often overlook our feet and do not look after them the way we should which can lead to dry rough skin, aching and tiredness.  This reviving and soothing treatment includes exfoliation followed by either a cooling masque (ideal in the summer months) or a moisturising masque used with heated bootee to hydrate and condition the skin.  Ending with a lower leg and foot massage, your skin will feel wonderfully supple and smooth and your feel will feel refreshed and revived.  (does not include cuticle work or polish)

30mins £28

Shellac Pedicure

Nail Shaping, Cuticle work, Shellac polish, application of Solar Oil and then finishing with a relaxing foot massage. (no foot spa used)

45-60mins £35


Includes a warm foot spa, exfoliating foot scrub to get rid of dry skin, nail and cuticle care and a relaxing massage of lower legs and feet, finishing with the polish of your choice. 

60mins approx

With Vinylux £35

With Shellac  £43

 Spa Pedicure

Using Creative Nail products that combines elements from the sea to create foot care products that give instant results.  This SpaPedicure blends quartz crystals, sea salts, marine botanicals, beach sand and other natural ingredients to exfoliate, nourish and smooth even the roughest skin.  A cooling refreshing masque is excellent in the summer for hot tired feet, whilst a moisturising masque and heated bootees are ideal in the colder months – great for clients with arthritic, circulatory or joint problems.  Ultimate luxury!

60-75mins £40

With Shellac £48

Up to £3 extra for glitter, additives or embellishments

£7 extra for a French Pedicure

Shellac Safe Removal

20min £7

Free if you are booked in for another nail treatment or on re-application of Shellac.

We prefer not to remove other brands of gel applied by another salon because of the length of time it can take to remove.  £15 will be charged to remove other gels.  We do not remove BIAB or Acrylic