Full Body Massage

A stimulating but relaxing full body treatment using massage techniques to ease muscle aches, relieve tension, improve flexibility and create a sense of well being.

60mins £55

75mins £63

Back Neck and Shoulders

A therapeutic massage to relax aching muscles and ease tension in this area which carries most of the stress in our bodies.  This treatment can be easily adapted to suit pregnant women or the more mature client.

30mins £34   

45mins £45

Holistic Face Massage

A deeply relaxing massage to face, scalp, neck and shoulders that removes tension and stress leaving you soothed and pampered.  This massage will improve circulation and texture of the skin as well as encouraging cellular activity and rejuvenation.  Pressure point massage will stimulate and balance body energies encouraging relaxation, stress relief and promotes a sense of well being.

45mins £44

Lower Leg and Foot Massage

Relaxing and invigorating.

30mins £33

45mins £43

Indian Head Massage

Based on old Ayurvedic techniques involving massage to the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face to completely relax the mind, body and spirit.

30mins £34

Thai Foot Massage

A highly relaxing and effective massage of feet and lower legs that involves hands on stretching and massage as well as stimulating reflex points with a wooden Thai stick.  Added together with the opening of the Sen energy lines this treatment leaves you with a sense of well being and a feeling of being revitalised and revived.

55mins £49


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that applies gentle pressure to the feet or hands to stimulate energy pathways in the body. It is based on the theory that different parts of the feet, lower legs, hands, ears and face relate to different areas of the body.  Pressing certain points on the feet is thought to help release energy blockages and restore balance in the body.

45mins £49

Hot Stone Massage

An exquisite massage using smooth heated basalt stones in a unique and relaxing way.  The warmth of these stones deeply penetrate muscles helping to restore and rejuvenate the body at its highest level.  Simply sublime!

45mins   £50 

60mins  £60  

80mins  £75

Reiki Massage

Reiki massage offers you a wonderful way to truly relax and heal your body on all levels.  This therapy creates a powerful combination of massage that will release tension and knots in your muscles, and the Reiki healing technique that will deeply relax you and your body.

90mins £78