Hand and Nail Rescue Cream spf 20

A lightweight, easily absorbed hand cream with built in UV protection. Guards against sun induced pigmentation helping reduce sun spots and age spots.  Essential oils of lavender, tea tree and rosewood provide an antiseptic quality and pleasing aroma.


Body Wash/Shower Gel

Eve Taylor has formulated a delightful selection of body washes for use in the shower or bath. Ideal to give you an aromatherapy treat in a hurry. Each body wash uses a coconut base to ensure a moisturising, deep cleansing effect with a selected blend of essential oils, to give you the “treatment” you’re looking for.

Astrelle – a subtle soothing combination of essential oils to unwind and ease away the pressures of the day.  A fragrant blend of lavender, geranium and clary sage with a hint of galbanum – soothes and harmonises.

Citrelle – an invigorating and moisturising formulation combines the element of fresh citrus lime and petitgrain to provoke that refreshing wide awake feeling.

Corelle – The exotic aroma of India lemongrass coupled with ylang ylang excites the bodys natural ability to ease congestion. Gives a balancing and clearing effect.

Restelle – A cleansing stress relief body wash with mandarin, petigrain and lavender – our favourite!


Massage and Bath Oil

Can be used for massage or  for bath (add 4- 6 pumps in the bath water)


Exfoliating Body Mousse 180g

This creamy mousse exfoliant effectively sloughs away surface skin revealing a smoother, softer skin.  Gently stimulates circulation and encourages new cell regeneration. Enriched with natural essential oils to detoxinate and tone.  Contains poppy seed and pine.


Moisturising Body Butter 180g

Designed to restore optimal hydration to the most dehydrated and lipid-depleted areas of the body. This rich moisturising body butter is quickly absorbed into the skin, hydrates the skin whilst restoring firmness and elasticity.  Contains SeaBuckthorne and Shea butter.