Age Resist

Age Resist Dynamic Cleanser 180ml

A highly active cleanser to thoroughly clean and resurface ageing skin. A Lactic acid complex exfoliates and renews the skins surface, defending against the visible signs of ageing, leaving skin fresh, soft and luminous.  This was new in 2020 but has already become one of our best selling cleansers!


Age Resist Dynamic Toner 180ml

A dynamic toner to intensively hydrate moisture depleted skin whist defending against free radical damage. This anti-ageing formulation is packed with Hyaluronic Acid to impart supreme hydration whilst Co-Enzyme Q10 fights skin damaging free radicals.


Age Resist Morning Moisturiser – 50ml

This is the original day cream without SPF.  Sunflower and avocado – for a mature skin – to minimise the signs of premature ageing and fine lines.  Soya based Ceramide 3 moisturises, protects and provide improved barrier support.


Age Resist Day Cream with SPF30 – 50ml

Sunflower and avocado – for a mature skin – to minimise the signs of premature ageing and fine lines.  Soya based Ceramide 3 moisturises, protects and provide improved barrier support.


Age Resist Night Cream 50ml

Aloe Vera and Borage seed moisturise and protect whilst anti-oxidant qualities of lavender and chamomile guard against airbourne irritants.  This night cream works hard whilst you sleep.


Replenishing Neck Cream 50ml

This creamy, targeted moisturiser nourishes and hydrates the delicate neck area with vitamin rich lipids and replenishing essential oils to strengthen the skins barrier and offering a more healthy epidermis.


C+ Bright Priming Moisturiser 50ml (SPF30)

Based on Lumisphere technology this moisturiser promotes a healthier, brighter,  more luminous and matt complexion.  Ideal where hyper pigmentation, sun and environmental damage, freckling, dull complexion are visible helping reduce/prevent the appearance of dark spots. Contains Vitamin C.


Resurfacing Cream Exfoliant 50ml

A creamy textured “mask-like” exfoliant to gently refine skin texture without
friction or scrubbing leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated. Encapsulated fruit acid complex gently exfoliates and retextures the skin surface.  For mature skins and dull complexions.


Anti Oxidant Masque 50ml

Restore hydration and suppleness with this phyto-collagen rich treatment masque. Phyto-collagen Yeast stimulates new tissue production for a more supple skin texture.


Firming Serum (formerly known as Q10 Serum)

Q10 firming serum – Q10 has exceptional anti-oxidant properties and helps to prevent damage to elastin and collagen.  Contains peptides to stimulate collagen helping minimise lines and wrinkles, the firming effect on the surface gives immediate tightening sensation.


Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 30ml

This best selling serum gives supreme hydration that plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function.  Designed to protect the skins structure and aid in the defence against external environmental threats. Provides the ideal solution to keep skin firm, smooth and “plump”.


Brightening Serum (formerly known as Triple C Serum 30ml)

Triple C vitamin complex is one of the most powerful combinations available combining three forms of vitamin C in a serum for maximum results.  This serum protects your skin  against environmental stress and damaging free radicals leaving your skin refreshed, bright and radiant, and also providing additional support for improved collagen and elastin formation.  A perfect serum for skin types that are aging, prematurely aged, sun damaged, hyperpigmentation.


Illuminating Serum 30ml

This lightweight textured serum addresses changes to the complexion as a result of sun exposure, hormonal hyperpigmentation, post breakout marks and other uneven skin tone related concerns.


Retinoid Renew Complex 30ml

A lightweight textured treatment complex with a highly stable encapsulated Retinoid to stimulate cell renewal, whilst refining skin discoloration and aiding skin rejuvenation. Vitamins and botanicals smooth and strengthen the skin promoting improved skin density and firmness.


Overnight Clarifying Complex 30ml

A two in one treatment complex to help improve the appearance of open pores, breakout activity, and post-breakout redness in all skin types, especially those experiencing menopausal or hormonal breakouts, whilst simultaneously revitalising the skin in those experiencing lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, helping them achieve a clear, radiant, and youthful complexion.


Eye Complex 15ml

A deeply nourishing cream for the delicate eye area with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Botanicals target dark circles while peptides fight against lines and wrinkles. A unique moisture lock system of botanicals and silicones keep the skin smooth, hydrated and protected. The added benefit of antioxidant Q10 and vitamin C ensures that free radical damage and the effects of environmental pollution are kept to a minimum.