ET Mens Skin Care

Et Face Wash 100ml

Cleanses, lifts impurities and freshens the skin without overdrying.  Gives even the most dull, tired looking skin a brighter fresher appearance.


Et Face Scrub 100ml

An invigorating and revitalising scrub to clear congested skin of oil, dirt and dead skin cells, helping to prevent in-grown hairs and blemishes.  Skin will have a smoother, brighter and fresher appearance.


Et Face Balm 100ml

A light moisturising balm that will re-hydrate, protect and condition the skin.  Chamomile soothes and Ginseng revitalises.


Et Shave Oil 30ml

A triple action non-greasy shave oil to aid skin integrity and give superior razor glide to help reduce redness and irritation.   Smooths skin prior to shaving and maintains skin suppleness after. Protects and moisturises.


Et Shave Gel 100ml

Non foaming Aloe Vera based conditioning shave gel gives a smooth ultra close stubble free shave.


Et Shave Foam 150ml

A moisture rich aerosol free foam shave to soften stubble, hydrate and condition the skin.  Aloe Vera and Green Tea ensure skin integrity is maintained with a well groomed and moisturised after feel.