Advanced Therapy

Designed specifically to imitate the skins natural function, Eve Taylor’s Advanced Skin Therapy Range offers skin care benefits that go beyond that of regular cleansers, moisturisers and exfoliants.

The new cosmeceutical line has been developed with todays modern lifestyle in mind, combining pharmeceutical grade ingredients with the active therapeutic essential oil blends for which Eve Taylor is renowned. 

Technologically advanced and scientifically-proven, this new generation skin care range from Eve Taylor comprises products that will have significant beneficial effects on normal, problematic and environmentally challenged skin types.

Q10 Serum

Q10 lifting serum – Q10 has exceptional anti-oxidant properties and thus helps to prevent damage to elastin and collagen.  Contains peptides to stimulate collagen helping minimise lines and wrinkles, the firming effect on the surface gives immediate tightening sensation.


Regenerative Serum

Ultra hydrating, anti-oxidant serum giving an anti-ageing boost to assist with the prevention of premature ageing. This oil rich serum nourishes the driest of skins to help repair the skin’s barrier and provide essential nourishment. Retinol increases cell turnover, a process
that slows with age, and ensures newly hydrated skin will emerge. Apply under moisturiser in the morning.


100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid 30ml

This serum gives supreme hydration that plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function.  Designed to protect the skins structure and aid in the defence against external environmental threats. Provides the ideal solution to keep skin firm, smooth and “plump”.


Triple Action Vitamin C 30ml

Triple C vitamin complex is one of the most powerful combinations available combining three forms of vitamin C in a serum for maximum results.  This serum protects your skin  against environmental stress and damaging free radicals leaving your skin refreshed, bright and radiant, and also providing additional support for improved collagen and elastin formation.  A perfect serum for skin types that are aging, prematurely aged, sun damaged, hyperpigmentation.


Telomere DNA 30ml

An advanced formula to enhance the skin’s natural protection and repair factors, promoting improved cell function and quality of the tissue. Helps to prevent the biological ageing of cells, extending the youth span of the skin and reducing visible signs of ageing – not just wrinkles.

About Telomeres: Telomeres form part of the DNA structure.  As ageing begins at the cellular level within the DNA, Telomeres grow shorter as cells replicate, and as they shorten the cells begin to enter a senescence state. (biological ageing) In addition to this, such factors as free radicals, lack of moisture, stress, and toxins contribute damaging effects on the DNA of skin cells. Telomere DNA Repair Cream helps to prevent the senescence and maintain telomere length, thus the lifespan of cells can be extended.


Ultra Rich Cream 30ml

An ultra rich moisturiser for over-stressed, dehydrated, & prematurely aging skin.  An advanced formula with Hyaluronic acid, Alpha lipoic acid, essential oils and vitamins. This formula benefits from unique moisture lock, ensuring maximum hydration and improved barrier support against environmental attack and free radical damage.



Eye Complex 15ml

A deeply nourishing cream for the delicate eye area with anti-inflammatory and
anti-oxidant properties. Botanicals target dark circles while peptides fight against lines and wrinkles. A unique moisture lock system of botanicals and silicones keep the skin smooth, hydrated and protected. The added benefit of antioxidant CoQ10 and vitamin C ensures that free radical damage and the effects of environmental pollution are kept to a minimum.


Contour Correction Serum 15ml

An illusionary serum that fills in the gaps to perform a real life wrinkle vanishing act.
Using soft-focus the definition of your wrinkles via a clever optical adjustment, from light diffusing minerals that occupy the wrinkle gaps. Coupled with wrinkle reducing peptides, this astonishing serum provides an instant wrinkle erasing perception, while simultaneously reducing their occurrence.


Anti-Bac Skin Wash 200ml

This advanced formula will help to deep cleanse the skin, reduce pore size, control excess sebum, and aid in the prevention of acne breakouts.  A specific combination of Glycolic and Salicylic acid help reduce bacteria and dissolves dead cells while essential oils maintain a balanced equilibrium providing an overall healthier looking skin.